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Renowned Climate Journalist and Editor Joins Climate Resilience for All as Extreme Heat Editor

April 30, 2024, Washington, D.C. – How do you prepare for the right now effects of extreme heat as the threat grows every day around the world? One way is to better tell the stories of those facing it, and how they are exploring innovative ways to cool the risks, from heat insurance to naming heatwaves, ensuring women are at the forefront of finding solutions to a risk that affects them disproportionately.

To guide that work, we are thrilled to announce that renowned climate journalist and editor Laurie Goering is joining Climate Resilience for All as the world’s first extreme heat editor.

Laurie has spent more than 20 years reporting on real-life climate change impacts and issues around the globe, in hot places from Bangladesh to Brazil, first as a Chicago Tribune foreign correspondent based in Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Havana, Johannesburg, New Delhi and London, and more recently as climate change editor for the Thomson Reuters Foundation, where she built an award-winning global network of freelance reporters telling the stories of climate effects and solutions from the frontlines.

With Climate Resilience for All, she will build and lead an extreme heat storytelling team, as well as a journalism training course we’ll be launching designed to help reporters in the world’s hotspots and beyond more effectively understand, write about and visually convey extreme heat and its health effects, inequitable impacts on communities, and local solutions.

Our goal is to further increase awareness of the impacts of heat to women, and  spur new action and investment to curb the risks.

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